Monday, March 8, 2010

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Friday, March 5, 2010

A trip down memory lane

We were taking a walk down memory lane at the Brownstein & Associates office
and you won’t believe what we found!

Here are some of Amy’s favorite moments from her past as a Publicist both on her own and at other companies:

Patrick McEnroe as MC of his World Team Tennis Team

Amy represented his team in the Hamptons one year before Maria Sharipova won Wimbeldon

Debbie Gibson at the World Team Tennis match

Lousie Spinner!

Now known as Lousie Ward, an agent at UTA & a very old friend!

Can you believe this photo was taken at my 30th birthday in Los Angeles at the home of Celebrity Hair Designer

Edward St.George?

Balthazar Getty’s 21st Birthday - now that really brings back memories. He had just completed the film "White Squall" and his mother is sitting next to him do you see who is in the back?

Amy, Sekka Scher, & Valerie Bruce at my 40th Birthday party. Great friends both in business and in my hair was blond.

One of my first photo shoots for Detour magazine back in the 1990's with then hot up and comer Jake Busey after he made "SFW."

One of Amy's first clients. Elaine Hendrix, who was doing the television show "Get Smart" with Andy Dick. Wow that brings back memories. Her first photo shoot in Interview Magazine.

Back when Amy was in the tech business…Do you recognize anyone in that photo?

One of Amy's favorite moments in representing Laura Bell Bundy - The Fun Fearless Female issue and Awards of Cosmopolitan Magazine. She truly deserved all the accolaides she recieved for her starring role in LEGALLY BLONDE. Congrats on your new album Laura Bell! Youa are now on yoru way to receiving a CMA and a Grammy for that amazing new album! Go you!

One of Amy's first covers as a Senior Publicist at Wolf Kastler PR. Back when Keifer was making "Truth or Consequences" and "24" had not even been in anyone's brain for him to star...

David Boreanaz was one of Amy's first signs. He was a recurring on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and then got his own show "Angel." She truly enjoyed putting David on the map. Those were the days. David, we love you in "Bones." !!!!! Don't be a stranger....

Round Up: What ever happened to them?

What ever happened to her?!

Oh..we loved her!

Do you remember Bobbie Phillips from "Murder One?"
She was a client at Innovative at the Time...
Bobbie what are you doing these days?

Stay tuned! More to come next week!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Glowing faces, Pinot Grigio, and Blonde Hair. That is how I would best describe the scene of Ramona Singer’s Tru Renewal spa day at the Equinox spa on 74th and 2nd. The festivities took place this past Saturday and all-together it was a very successful and relaxing afternoon.

Equinox decided to greet its visitors on the top floor with complimentary pasta and sandwiches, but the true party was two floors under. ‘Real Housewives’ star Ramona Singer was promoting her Tru Renewal skincare line and all customers who showed up for the celebration, received a mini-facial using her products. Each lucky customer sat down in a fur-covered lounge chair and received the VIP treatment.

Ramona’s friends came out to support her and were decked out in fur jackets and beautiful outfits for the occasion. Fellow housewife of New York, Alex Mc Cord, also showed her newest series alliance support for her new line. Alex even left Ramona give her a facial!

It was definitely a sight to see as each lady or man would lie down, have their faces rubbed for a while and then emerge with a youthful glow from ear to ear. The products that make you glow can be found at the Equinox on 74th and 2nd, and coming in February- at Ramona Singer Collections.

If you wanted to be in a quieter spot, the lounge area was the place to be. Decorated with Ramona gift bags and orange-flavored water- every customer who escaped to the back room felt serene as they waited for their facial or re-touched their make-up afterwards.

With the buzz in the air, and the new season gossip filling the walls- Equinox spa was anything but private that day… but wouldn’t you rather feel renewed with a facial, a glass of wine, and some Tru Renewal products??

I would. On to the next event!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Life's Simple Pleasures...and an unlikely snowstorm

Life can be influenced by the simplest touch of a person's hand, a light caress, a smile of acknowledgment, or even the most innocent of winks as you walk by a stranger on the street. I was reminded of that this weekend through both my professional and personal encounters with clients and friends.

It was amazing to me to be witness at a cover shoot for Boulevard magazine with Ugly Betty's Ana Ortiz and Mark Indelicato and watch the people from the infamous world of Cassini, as in Oleg Cassini be so touched and moved and thrilled to be in their presence as both actors seemed to be in theirs. The chief designer for Cassini went so far as wanting to have numerous photos taken with the pair to show his friends, and was as excited to be working with them as any fan might be to pass them on the street. Meanwhile on the other side, it was Ana and Mark that were impressed and in awe and knew the greatness of the world in which they inhabited for a day. It was so much more complementary that other shoots I've been on in the past. Watching them all interact with each other, experiencing it as they experienced it on both sides was entertaining and enlightening. Plus just for a second If I can just mention the mansion that is the Cassini headquarters at 15 East 63rd was just out of the world incredible. Old world charm, high ceilings, murals on the ceilings, the stone work on the walls, marble floors, simple elegance that was being restored to its greatness from when it was first built. The cascading staircases, old crickety elevator leading floor by floor to wonderful treasures whether it be sconces, cherubs, stone carved brought you to another world where a horse drawn carriage may have one day stopped in front of the residence to pick some one up for a stroll through the park. It also had the most beautiful collections of photos of Jackie O that were inspiring to gaze at. Although, I am fully aware that I work in this world, it still amazes me as an observer to watch the interactions between people and be aware of the human condition.

Again, I was witness to that on Sunday morning. For four years in a row, Tamara Tunie has generously donated her time in support of one of the oldest charities in New York. The Children's Aid Society. A local chapter of a national organization, the people who devote themselves to non profit are truly selfless in their pursuit to help others. Or at least that is what I was evidencing that day. From the sophisticated brunch at Calypso on Madison and 68th, the speech by the new President and CEO of the charity, for a moment you might forget we were in a recession and the ones who had money were more than willing to part with some of it to help the kids. Even I got into the moment and got an adorable pair of fingerless gloves and cashmere scarf in Fushia of all colors! Tamara said lovely things about helping these children get better education, health care and a chance at a better life. It was moving and although the streets may have seemed a little less crowded this year, it was the coldest day I ever experienced this season and ran out of the cold I did at the first chance I got.

Talking with a woman in her 80's who has been on the board of the Children's Aid Society of New York for 45 years gives new meaning to learning from your elders. She and her husband were quick as a whip-it and all too open to discuss how the charity and New York has changed through the years. This woman was the first ever President of a non profit. Or at least that is what she said. I should have taken a photo of the lovely couple.

Hopefully people shopped today on Madison Avenue and gave their little piece to children in need. And when I saw this 14 year old girl, go up to Tamara and ask to have a photo taken with her, I was reminded of how special my own life was in many ways, and that those that are not surrounded by what I do, on a daily basis, can be touched, by the simple acknowledgement by a person they deem to be a celebrity, and be okay knowing that for that moment in time, they had a piece of something different that they would take home with them and cherish, such as a photo with someone they admire.

Everyone has someone they look up to. I suppose its no different than the day I met Bill and Hilary Clinton or the fact that they acknowledged they new my last name (Thank you Ron) that made the passing moment so special. Or flying to Berlin to be part of history when the wall came down, or even simply standing next to Candace Bergen when you are eight years old as an extra in a movie where your moment of fame eventually ends up on the cutting room floor. It was reall fun though, I have to say. Not sure it was more fun missing school or standing there all day....
Or having a lovely evening with someone you just met, in a snowstorm, with whom you seem to have known in passing for a long time, only to feel comfortable talking with him like sitting in your favorite chair...

Everyone looks up to someone else, admires and appreciates others. Until you stand in his/her presence to truly see both sides of the equation, one can never truly know the layers and interests of a person no matter how well you claim to know them.

So whether the first snowfall, a charitable day, a moving touch or soft kiss is what reminds you of life's simple pleasures, one must only think back to the young girl who tugged at that celebrities coat tail to say "can I have a photo please?" To remind you that it doesn't take much to make people happy.

We have a new client!

Hi Everyone! Very excited to announce that the company is now working with the amaing Jim Norton - Opie and Anthony, New York Times Best Selling Author, Jay Leno Show, Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld...Sold out venues across the country! Heck this guy is legendary and he is only just in his 40's. We are so thrilled to be working with him, stay tuned for updates on his comedy tour, intersting items such as the one that ran in Page Six on Sunday....and more!

Have a great day everyone.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ana Ortiz says NO to MCDONALD'S

The award-winning Ugly Betty actress ANA ORTIZ has enough! With McDonald’s that is! So much that she wrote a letter to the National Council of La Raza (NCLR), which is the largest national Latino Civil Rights and Advocacy organization in the U.S. Her letter urged the group to not to partner with McDonald for any future events.

In her letter, Ana pointed out that slaughterhouse workers (many of whom are Hispanic immigrants) are poorly paid, usually receive no medical benefits, and face dismal working conditions. As Ana writes in the letter, "McDonald's has no regard for animals or for the people who are paid an unfair wage to kill them." To that end, she's asking NCLR to join PETA in urging McDonald's to switch to a less cruel slaughter method that would improve conditions for both chickens and workers.

You can read the rest of Ana’s letter by clicking: